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Kevin Lamoureux, MP



Air Canada breaking the law; Government must take action

Posted on March 19, 2012


For immediate release

March 19, 2012


More than 2,400 workers are now jobless after Aveos Fleet Performance abruptly shutdown maintenance plants yesterday in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Montreal. Liberal House Leader Kevin Lamoureux believes that the government is failing to hold Air Canada accountable to the Air Canada Public Participation Act for actions taken by Aveos.

“Under the Participation Act, it explicitly says that Air Canada must maintain operational and overhaul centres in the City of Winnipeg, the Montreal Urban Community, and Mississauga. It is simply wrong for Air Canada to try and curtail this piece of legislation by moving jobs to private companies like Aveos and then washing their hands of the matter. It is their job to maintain these overhaul centres and they are breaking the law.”

The closing of the plants will not only be a blow to the aviation industry in Winnipeg, but to the over 300 individuals who now find themselves without employment in the city.

“While the government is busy touting Canada’s strong job market, they are ignoring the thousands of individuals who have just lost their jobs. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure that Air Canada is being held accountable so that Canadians can keep their jobs,” added Lamoureux who also noted that yesterday’s event did not come as a surprise.

“In the early months of 2011 there were rumours that Aveos was going to close some of its overhaul centres and the company of course, denied that it was going to happen. Then a year later—as predicted—we now have thousands of individuals who are unemployed.”

Lamoureux says that he intends on taking the issue to the House of Commons next week after the House returns from recess.







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