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Liberal critic questions purpose of backlog report

Posted on March 6, 2012


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March 6, 2012

Liberal critic questions purpose of backlog report

Kevin Lamoureux, Liberal Critic for Citizenship and Immigration is questioning the purpose of the immigration backlog report that was tabled today in the House of Commons. The Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration had set out to study the issue of backlogs in order to find ways to reduce wait times that have climbed to over 5 years in some categories. Lamoureux believes that actions made by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration while the study was under way, undermined the purpose of the report.

“Right from the beginning, the Minister knew what he was going to do in terms of dealing with the backlogs. He put a freeze on sponsorships for parents and grandparents and introduced a supposed “Super Visa” which, has turned out to be a super disappointment.

Frankly, I’m not sure what the purpose of the study was if he was going to implement changes before the study was even complete. It’s clear that the recommendations in the report are catered to decisions the Minister has already made,” commented Lamoureux.   

With a backlog of almost 1 million applications, Lamoureux understands the concern that Canadians and their family members have in terms of wait times.

“It’s interesting because parents and grandparents are waiting years to come to Canada and the Minister decides that freezing the application process for 2 years and introducing a visa that is not affordable is going to help.”

Lamoureux believes that much can be done in restructuring certain programs such as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program which can help alleviate demand from other areas and meet some of Canada’s labour shortages. In the Liberal supplementary opinion to the report he stated, “…that candidates who fulfill the Foreign Temporary Worker Program eligibility requirements and are able to meet the few other basic requirements should have the ability to apply for permanent residency after a working period of two years.” 






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