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Kevin Lamoureux, working hard for you in Winnipeg North

Kevin Lamoureux was elected as the Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North in the 2010 by-election, and has been serving his community ever since.

Kevin was born in Manitoba in 1962. He got his first job when he was 11 years old, pumping gas for his father for $1 per hour.

He attended high school in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and following his graduation, signed up to serve with the Air Command of the Canadian Forces. He served with the CAF for three years.

After leaving the Canadian Forces, Kevin attended the University of Winnipeg while working at The Bay and Caprice Distributors. In 1988 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly in Manitoba, and served nearly two decades before being elected to the House of Commons.

Whether as a MLA or as an MP, Kevin’s first commitment is to his constituents. Through his longstanding Saturday morning open house at McDonalds, he has spoken with thousands of community members about their concerns. From listening to his constituents, he has championed important issues such as justice reform, immigration, labour, education and housing.

He is currently the Parliamentary Secretary to the Government House Leader and has been a vocal advocate for the needs of his community. He was previously Vice-Chair of the Citizenship and Immigration Committee, as well as a member of the Procedure and House Affairs Committee and Veterans Affairs Committee.

He married his wife Cathy in 1983, and they have two grown children. They still live in Winnipeg North.

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