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Kevin Lamoureux, MP


Meet Kevin

Kevin Lamoureux, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North at a rally in the summer of 2010.

Kevin Lamoureux was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1962.  He got his first job when he was 11 years old, pumping gas for his father for $1 per hour.

He attended high school in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan and in 1982 signed up for service with the Air Command of the Canadian Forces.  He served for three years.

In 1983, he married Cathy.  They have two grown children, Raymond and Cindy.

After leaving the Canadian Forces, Kevin attended the University of Winnipeg part time while he worked at the Bay and at Caprice Distributors.

In 1988, he was elected for the first time to serve as Member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.  Since then, he has won more election victories than any other Liberal in Manitoba.

During his time as MLA, Kevin held more critic roles than any other MLA in recent history.  He has championed important issues such as justice, immigration, labour, finance, education and housing.

In 2010, Kevin was elected Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North.  In the 117 days between his election and the call for a general election, Kevin worked hard to get results for Winnipeg North and although only there for a short time, left a lasting impression on his fellow MPs. Kevin was re-elected Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North for the 41st Canadian Parliament and has proudly continued on in his fight to defend the interest of his constituents, Manitobans and all Canadians.

In Ottawa, he is a vocal advocate for the needs of our communities; he has spoken more than over 300 other MPs in the House, putting our needs front and centre.    At home in Winnipeg North, Kevin has put people first: meeting with constituents every week at the local McDonald’s, as well as holding public meetings on important issues like public safety and youth recreation.

Kevin is available every Saturday at the McDonald’s Restaurant on Keewatin St. from 10am to 2pm

If you have any questions or concerns, he invites you to come speak with him there.


  • Kevin Lamoureux was first elected Member of Parliament on November 29, 2010.
  • In his first 117 days as an MP, Kevin has worked hard to put people first:
    • Kevin has spoken more than over 300 MPs in the House, putting the concerns of Winnipeg North front and centre.
    • Kevin has organized 5 public meetings in the riding on the important issues of crime and safety, youth recreation, and a more compassionate approval system for visiting visas.
    • Kevin met with constituents one-on-one at the local Keewatin Street McDonald’s every week.
    • Kevin has presented petitions to the House of Commons on improving support for our seniors, on bringing accountability into our health care system, on having a more compassionate system to approve visiting visas.
  • If re-elected Kevin will continue to be a strong voice for Winnipeg North, always putting people first.
  • Kevin was first elected MLA in 1988 and was re-elected five times, more than any other Liberal in Manitoba. He served his constituents for over eighteen years.
  • In 1996, Kevin introduced the idea of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program in the Manitoba legislature.  Since then, Kevin has helped reunite hundreds of families in Canada.
  • Kevin served on a Youth Justice Committee, and worked out of the community police office on McPhillips Street.
  • Kevin served three years in the Canadian Forces.
  • Kevin introduced a bill to cap the price of milk in Northern Manitoba, to help ensure that all Canadian children are given a good start in life.
  • While MLA, Kevin made himself available to his constituents every Thursday evening at the local Keewatin Street McDonald’s.

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