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Kevin Lamoureux, MP


My Bill

Increasing Accountability and Transparency in Political Advertisements

As many of you have likely already witnessed yourself, political and election advertisements can often be overwhelming during the lead up to an election as well as during the election period itself. Voters are bombarded by advertisements from candidates, political parties, and third parties who are desperate to share their message to Canadians. That is why it is important that legislative changes are made to ensure that Canadians are fully informed when it comes to political advertisements. With C-524, I hope to achieve just that. My private member’s bill C-524 seeks to amend the Canada Elections Act to ensure that individuals and parties explicitly endorse the content of their political advertisement during both election, and non-election periods. This way, the disclosure of sources of information is done in a transparent manner.

C-524 is endorsed by groups that care about strengthening our democracy such as Fair Vote. Not only that, but I have heard from Canadians from across the country who know that more must be done when it comes to political transparency.
Join me in making our democratic process more transparent and accountable

Specific Changes Sought Under C-524
• Advertisements in print must be accompanied by an endorsing statement identifying the candidate, leader of the political party, or authorized representative of the third party
• Advertisements in audio-visual form must be accompanied by an unobscured full –screen view of the endorser making their statement or a voice-over accompanied by a clearly identifiable photographic or similar image


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