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Kevin Lamoureux, MP


Province of Manitoba

The province of Manitoba manages things like Healthcare, Housing, Education, Highways, and Child and Family Services to name a few. Please visit the Province of Manitoba or call (204) 945-3744 for further information.

Residential Tenancies Branch

Are you a landlord or tenant? Do you know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or tenant? Do you have a problem you need to solve? The Residential Tenancies Branch administers or is responsible for The Residential Tenancies Act, The Life Leases Act and The Condominium Act in Manitoba.

The Residential Tenancies Branch will investigate, mediate and make decisions on disputes between landlords and tenants over:

  • security deposits
  • repairs
  • the terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement
  • notices to move, including notice for non-payment of rent and noise
  • privacy
  • payment of utility bills

The Residential Tenancies Branch can be reached at (204) 945-2476


For more information about bedbugs and the provincial strategy on bedbugs, visit the webpage, call the bedbug hotline at 1-855-3MB-BUGS (1-855-362-2847) or email

Canada / Manitoba Business Service Centre

Need help starting a business?  Here is a great resource to get your started.  The Canada / Manitoba Business Service Centre is a hub for business information and has the largest collection of business resources in Western Canada.

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