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Kevin Lamoureux, MP


Quick Facts

For many new comers to Canada and their families, accessing immigration information can be a bit of a challenge. Many are unsure of where to look, or in many cases where to even start looking, to find the help they are needing.  The following section was created to better help Canadians and prospective Canadians find answers and contact information for various Citizenship and Immigration questions and offices.

Coming to Canada

Visiting Canada:

Canada welcomes over 35 million visitors every year. Depending on where you are coming from or the reason for your visit, there are certain things you should be aware of. Click HERE to learn more about visiting Canada

Working Temporarily in Canada:

Working in Canada can offer a new and exciting experience for people from all over the world. However, there have been significant changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker program that came about in the spring of 2011. It is important that everyone coming to work in Canada check out the following website to ensure that they are meeting all of the various requirements and are prepared to start on their new experience. Click HERE to learn about the program.

Studying in Canada:

With almost 100,000 students choosing Canada every year as the country to extend and improve their education and even more coming to improve their English and/or French language skills, Canada continues to be one of the best places in the world to learn. Canada’s education programs are all under the provincial or territorial jurisdiction, so it is important that every prospective student and their family contact their chosen school directly to find out about the appropriate requirements. The following website will offer broad information on obtaining one’s study permit – Click HERE.

Moving To Canada

Immigrating to Canada:

Choosing to immigrate to Canada will be one of the most life altering and exciting choices a person will ever have. It is important that all prospective immigrants and their families are aware of the various options available to them.  Canada offers various immigration methods and many different support and information options. Check out the following link to make sure you are informed about your decision.

Click HERE for General Immigration Information
Average Processing Wait Times:

One of the most frequently heard questions that people have is regarding wait times for application processing. Whether someone is already in Canada or they are applying from a different country, the application processing times can vary widely. The following website will give a general idea of how long a wait time prospective immigrants can expect depending on where they are coming from, what they are applying for and under what immigration class.

For general information on waiting times Click HERE

For more information on the specific sponsorship classes’ processing times click on the links below:

Family Class Sponsorship

Economic Class Sponsorship

Permanent Resident Cards

Other Class of Sponsorship:


Canada is consistently rated one of the best countries in the world to live in–our standard of living, our economy, our people–Canada is truly a wonderful place to call home. It is of little surprise that so many people apply for their citizenship every year, about 170,000 to be specific.  The following website was created by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to answer as many questions as possible for prospective Canadians wishing to learn more about the process.
For Information on Canada’s Citizenship Process Click HERE

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